Mosaic Tiffany glass Magic

Mosaic Tiffany glass Magic: Crafting Treasures or Jewelry in Barcelona

Experience the joy of creating stunning mosaic artwork out of Tiffany glass with your beloved ones in our workshop designed for people above 14 years. Dive into the mesmerizing world of Antoni Gaudí’s famous mosaic technique, “Trencadís,” and craft unique pieces that will become cherished souvenirs of your time in Barcelona.
You will be able to choose out of two options:
  • First option is to choose from an array of objects such as fish, heart, picture frame, and more, as you work with high-qualityTiffany glass tiles. Upon selecting this option, the mosaic will be available within a few hours of its creation because we need to apply the grout.
  • For the second option we offer a specialized class in Gaudí-style jewelry making. Craft a necklace and a ring, or channel your creativity into designing earrings. As a result of this option, the mosaic can be taken home as soon as the guests have completed it.
Once, you decide which option, please write down in notes when you are doing the booking. Choosing either option, this will be an unforgettable activity. Work with high-quality Tiffany glass in an array of shades, utilizing a precise glass cutter for accurate and clean cuts. Take the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the creative process and bring home a unique masterpiece.
Led by the accomplished Angelika Heinbach, who holds a master craftsman diploma for outstanding contributions to the art of “Trencadïs,”. Our sustainable MOSAICCOS experience has been honored with the prestigious BIOSPHERE certification in the last four years.