Team building with Casa Batllo and the European Heritage Volunteers

We are very happy to collaborate with Gaudí’s masterwork
CASA BATLLO and the organization EUROPEAN
HERITAGE Volunteers in the project: “The
Restoration of Casa Batlló, from inside to beyond its
walls”that took place in MOSAICCOS Barcelona.
In team work they created the Casa Batlló motif in 2 hours
and a half after an extensive introduction to this technique.
Congratulations for your excellent team work!

Estamos muy contentos de colaborar con Gaudís
masterwork la CASA BATLLO y la organización
EUROPEAN HERITAGE Volunteers en el proyecto: "La
Restauración de la Casa Batlló, desde el interior hasta el
exterior de sus muros" que tuvo lugar en MOSAICCOS
En equipo crearon el motivo de la Casa Batlló en 2 horas y
media después de una extensa introducción a esta técnica.
Felicidades por el trabajo en equipo tan excelente!

Let’s be creative together – Trencadís Mosaic Group Workshop

Visiting Barcelona and the beautiful buildings of Antoní Gaudí is a great thing to do. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to make your own souvenir in Gaudi`s famous “trencadis” mosaic technique, either you come alone or with a whole group. It was a pleasure for us to host a workshop for this group of teenagers from China. Their masterpieces turned out great! Thank you very much for your visit!!

Mosaic Workshop for Schools at MOSAICCOS

What a great idea to join a mosaic workshop with your whole school class!! A group of high school graduates from Germany were on a schooltrip in Barcelona and visited MOSAICCOS. The students were very talented and and created their own masterpiece in Gaudistyle. We wish you of course all the best for your future and congratulations to the high school graduation!!!

Was für eine großartige Idee mit der ganzen Schulklasse an einem Mosaik-Workshop teilzunehmen! Eine Gruppe von Abiturienten aus Deutschland war auf Abschlussfahrt in Barcelona und besuchte auch MOSAICCOS. Die Schüler waren sehr talentiert und haben großartige Meisterstücke im Gaudistil geschaffen. Wir wünschen euch natürlich nur das Beste für die Zukunft und gratulieren herzlich zum Abitur!!!

Custom-made order – Les Clefs d´or

Custom-made order – Les Clefs d´or

This mosaic masterpiece shows the crossed keys ” Les Clefs d´or ” and is composed out of 16 coasters. Each participant of the Les Clefs d´or event in Cannes received one coaster. Our client’s intention was to give everyone a little souvenir of his home city Barcelona. What a wonderful gesture!

Are you also interested in getting a custom-made mosaic artwork for yourself? Please, contact us for more information!

Famous mixed martial artist Nobuhiko Takada at MOSAICCOS – Barcelona

What a great honour it was to have the famous mixed martial artist and actor Nobuhiko Takada at MOSAICCOS. I had a great time showing you how to create a mosaic artwork in the mosaic technique “trencadis”. Many thanks to JTB and the Japanese Television for joining my workshop and that MOSAICCOS may be part of this report about Barcelona.

Teambuildingevent of the bank Caixa in a beautiful setting in Barcelona

It was a big pleasure for us to organize a teambuilding event for the bank Caixa. 80 people were working together to create the famous picture of Joan Miró, which is located in the la Rambla street. The event took place in a wonderful ambience at the Torre Bellesguard in the evening. The perfect spot for experiencing a mosaic workshop in a group!

Group activity at the Torre Bellesguard

This Teambuilding activity took place on the Easter weekend at the Torre Bellesguard. The participants were recreating one of the famous mosaic motifs of Antoni Gaudí. You can find the original picture on the Bellesguard Building itself. Each visitor cut pieces and placed it. Our company MOSAICCOS is specialized in the organization of corporate events for companies and group activities for families. Contact us for specific information!

Mosaic Workshop in Barcelona – a great activity for groups

A group from Norway visited Barcelona recently and also participated in our 2-hr Workshop. They created a lovely seahorse, wonderful pictures, tripets and coasters. These colourful creations will brighten up every room!!!

Such a mosaic workshop is perfectly suited for groups. Spending some fun time together while creating your own souvenir made by yourself. What else could be better than this? Don’t hesitate to contact us for special requests!

Nueva vida – New life sculpture

“There is no higher art than giving birth; every mother is an artist of her own and her art work is unique… just as the customized sculptures from MOSAICCOS which conserve this unforgettable period of time”

Every sculpure is unique, customized and tailor-made to the needs and wishes of our clients.  This artwork consits of hundreds of pieces of tiffany glass or Venetian smalts.